Friday, July 26, 2013

The Final Countdown (cue the music)...the end of this collaboration, but merely the beginning of my journey into technology in education!

I can't believe this is our last day...I feel so very overwhelmed with the enormity of what I have learned and yet still completely energized and motivated to continue the learning!! 

Check out The Big Picture by Dennis Littky...

Air Server...workaround for Apple TV...not the same, but it's a cheaper launch into using your iPad on your screen.  Not a replacement, but a good (cheap) first step.

**Sugata Mitra - The Child-Driven Education**

Where in our country do good teachers not want to go?  Those are often the places where bad things come from...

The Hole In The Wall...embedded a computer into a wall in a slum in New Delhi...then repeated throughout India and other places in the world...he learned that children will learn to do what they want to do...irrespective of who or where they are...

 "If there's stuff on Google, why would you need to stuff it in your head?" - Sugata Mitra

Granny cloud...

Collaboration and use of technology not only increases learning, but increases longevity of learning...and inspires continued exploration outside of the formal learning environment

SOLE - Self Organized Learning Environment

Check out Sugata Mitra's blog:

Wow!  Great conversation about the 1-to-1 need for it necessary?  What about the importance of collaboration and discourse in the process?  Maybe I can get grant money for laptops? One per table of 4 kids?  Great start, if I can access the funding...

Todd Frimoth Twitters!  @tfrimoth 
Guess I should figure out how Twitter works...add it to my list of things to explore!  Younger people are often getting ALL their news through venues such as more TV broadcast news, really...


MARGARET: A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink (Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future)
Clip Art inspired PowerPoint...not cheesy! :)

NOELLE: Drive by Daniel Pink (The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us)
Prezi: The Road to Motivation...I simply MUST learn Prezi...what a cool presentation option!

ERIC: Flipping Technology Forward (Making Tech Resources Work for Teachers and Students)

PowerPoint...great job embedding videos for your staff...I want to learn about graphic links

ROB: On the Road to a Personal-Device Plan
Love the 36! graphic of frustration...great use of humor...I think your staff will appreciate it!  :)

KARA: Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug the "face"...totally freaky :) ...and the billboard graphic...funny :)

BOBBY: Bobby's Battles (iMovie)
Love the Star Wars-esque juxtaposition with the music choices...SO creative!  :)

JODY: The Power of a Story
Prezi: Great passion for stories...Eddie w/digital used stories in your presentation...powerful :) Jason Ohler...DAOW

CHERIE ANNE: Notability for a walkthrough tool...PowerPoint...great use of large, engaging graphics with minimal text... I <3 your enthusiasm about screen shots :)


BECKY S.: Tech to Support ELL...InterMountain ESD the blog idea...APP of the Month?  I might steal that idea!  Go, BeckyPower!  CHECK OUT:

CHRISTY: Creating Innovators by Tony Wagner ...PowerPoint...great use of strong graphics & limited, bold text :) Love the Olin College quote & the thought of iMovie of students at meetings!

AMY: iMovie "upgrade" to the standard PowerPoint with the text in the Google box...Powerful!

BRIAN: iMovie...Sherwood Schools...good introduction to what flipped instruction could look like.

JARED: The Station website - recording at Merlo Station...GIMP - freeware the Our History presentation...

LISA: Tech applications for the introspective nature of your reflection - both personal and professional


What an incredible week of learning!!  I can't imagine being MORE enthusiastic about integrating technology into my classroom practice...I am invigorated and inspired to get back into my classroom and implement new things!  What a great way to spend a summer...refreshing, learning, growing, collaborating... LOVE IT!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Final Project - Tech Action Plan PPT

Drum roll, please.....

(Click above!)

Thanks for a great week of collaboration and learning!

:)  Becky A.

7.25.13 Day 4...More incredible things to come!


G Douglas Bundy - If you leave PD with "just ONE thing" than it's been a success?...this is often what is said, but when you think about it - isn't that sad?  Spending an entire day of professional development to get ONE thing that is useful to you?  This is ABSOLUTELY not the case with this class...I am getting more information/ideas/tools than I could possibly expect to implement completely next year, but I am going to give it "the old college try" and make this one of my personal and professional goals! - online tutorials via LClark...must request access via LClark...5 licenses for the entire college, so you gain access for one week...

                What will you do with the information gleaned from this week?

**PRIORITY #1: SMART Notebook - train myself before September...begin implementation with at least one lesson per week in math...additionally, linking lessons to CCSS (if they aren't already linked) and share with grade level tech class colleague.  
WHY? Increase engagement and therefore student achievement...continue to learn and grow in the direction our district, state, and education in general is to be a catalyst for other classrooms with SMART Board technology (specifically the traditional teacher who has a tech classroom, yet uses the SMART Board as a glorified white board and laptops for games (so she can grade) and word processing (3 times per year for writing samples)...I think she would welcome a "partner in crime" as she delves into the world of technology, which she admits is overwhelming and scary for her.

**PRIORITY #2: GoogleDocs - become more familiar with GoogleDocs...train PBIS committee...begin implementation with a document rather than meetings or regular email chains for PBIS committee
WHY? Time management, avoid unnecessary "time suck" meetings, introduce GoogleDocs to colleagues at every grade level in hopes that they will incorporate GoogleDocs into their practice as they see fit,  

**PRIORITY #3: Room 1 Blog?  Incorporate into weekly planner time?  Create format similar to the paper format my students will use and allow them to fill out while I enter information on the blog...will have access at home (if internet is available)?
WHY? Allow online access to assignments for parents with a layout similar to their paper planner for continuity and consistency, may be the first step towards a class webpage?
NEED TO KNOW: Can I link my blog to Synergy ParentVue?  Am I brave enough to promise this to parents without having experience actually getting it done?  :)

**PRIORITY #4: iMovie - continue to play with iMovie...not sure how to implement with a concrete vision of how it will improve learning, but...I can focus the vision while I learn the tricks of the iMovie trade!  Potentially look into a "flipped PD" idea of Mustang Stations for PBIS?  Incorporate students into making iMovie for "Rules School" reviews - Leadership Team, 4th graders? For September 2014?  Potentially an activity for students who have historically struggled with behavior as a way to practice "the right way" to follow building expectations and set them up for success as an example for others?  Could be shared in whole school assembly for areas SWIS data analysis identifies as needing improvement?
WHY? Cool tool!  Potential for PD (PBIS?), student projects using iPad?, extension activities for students needing additional challenge
NEED TO KNOW: Can I use this tool on a PC?  My SMART Board is PC linked, so... can I purchase a "dongle" and hook up my iPad to the projector/SMART Board?

DUDE...This is pretty much my project, without a timeline or presentation format!
"I wanna be like G" t-shirts?  Cute idea!  I DO want to be like G!

RSAnimate - More from Sir Ken Robinson
I want to show this to my teaching team - or to my entire building...I don't know if they're ready, but I do know that they could benefit from this message! Maybe I should start with my principal? Grade level team leaders? I actually think I could benefit from spending 10 minutes on this message regularly...maybe this becomes my grounding talk to refer to regularly throughout the year? This helps me to realize that my thinking is NOT radical, my vision is NOT off target, and my goals ARE realistic and valuable in today's educational environment!

iTunes U, MOOC, online learning

iTunes - Oh man, can I learn as much as my 12-year-old daughter already knows? Thus far, I can probably download music...and that's it...a "probably"...and I always anticipate having to ask for help...sometimes (okay, often) even calling my techy brother in California.  I know, I'm a little lame!  (***Update...I don't think she knows about iTunes U!  Mom trumps Shelby in the tech savvy category!  I better enjoy this happens so rarely!***)

iTunes is a browser that connects to the internet?  And here I was, thinking it was simply for music+ downloading and storage!

iTunes U - online courses...can search via category (Teaching&Learning!), courses are are video based (TV graphic)...

I want to check this out later...

iTeacher - Level 1 @

iTeacher - Level 2 @

MOOC: Massive Open Online Course
Todd tried Mandarin through MIT...says that it was clear and easy to!  Maybe I can renew my love of French through a MOOC? Find courses to further my personal development plan? Find cool things for my students?

Jared speaks to the issue of meeting IEP goals/needs in an online setting...can it be done?  It is a large challenge.  But he mentioned the success of his online courses for young parents.  Maybe this is a direction that our TPP can look to in an effort to best meet the needs of our Coos Bay young parents?  Is CBD9 Online something that may enhance or replace our TPP and nursery?  Will our teen parent population have access issues for online learning?  Will we have computer labs available for them to gain access if it is not available in the home?  Do they need the social aspect of school and the support provided by our TPP teacher and nursery staff?

Effective webpages & presentations

EXAMPLE: Public Relations: Helping Parents and Community Understand 21st Century Learning - Keynote from Todd for Betty Flad...presented through Adobe Acrobat due to a loss of Keynote on the laptop :(

Two kinds of people in the world...Searchers and Browsers :)  What am I?

*Web Presence
     first place eyes go - upper left corner (navigation buttons - CBD9 - upper left!)
     it takes 18 months to create a great website...usability studies, etc. 
     Google Analytics...tracking information to aid with analysis
     GOOD SITE...American School of Bombay
     Simple...focus on effective, not fancy
     Limit Bullet Points...too much text? message is lost..
     Strong Graphics...developing BrandYou - avoid cheesy clip art...

JIM KNIGHT, U of Kansas...engaging slides to ENHANCE presentation...not AS the presentation...let your slides enhance the message you are sending rather than the slides acting AS the message you are sending.  Lists:  Right justified...Lots of white space...large font...simple, large graphic (if at all)...radical learner website

GARR REYNOLDS - Former Apple Exec...look him up...great resource for design fundamentals...

PEDAGOGY - Sugata Mitra (save for tomorrow)

Another great day of practical application learning to enhance my practice.  I arrive on campus excited to learn...and I leave invigorated with the possibilities that lie ahead as I leave campus, with my head spinning, heart pounding, and brain on overdrive.  This is what I want my students to experience...this love of learning...this joy for the journey that education requires to achieve success and reach your goals.  I have not spent one minute worried about my grade...because my grade is not important.  I have spent hours, however, contemplating how to best structure my project to be a real, usable, workable plan that will get me to where I want to go...becoming that tech savvy, 21st century classroom teacher.

Man, I love my job!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Poor Practices in Technology

*Filming 1st period and showing the video to subsequent periods
*Not being careful with email communications
*Classified misuse of tech
*Using tech to keep kids busy while the teacher corrects or does other work
*Staying to close to tech curriculum and not allowing some joy of learning with computers
*Social media issues - release of information, appropriate/inappropriate use by students/staff
*Low tech use of high tech tools
*Following the fad...purchase the tech without the necessary additions (apps, storage, training)
*Tech sits in a cupboard all summer long while teachers are on "vacation"...what? why?

What do I need to do?

*Always ask "why"
*Have clear expectations before you need to enforce them about use of social media
*Have a procedure for release of information - control the message...make sure it's accurate
*Provide PD...whole group, small group, mentoring/teaming, or individual
*Independently strive for growth with slow, but deliberate integration 
     **This is my personal goal for this next year...I have learned so many valuable things this summer, but need to make sure I cement my learning by continuing to "play" and implementing new tech into my teaching THIS YEAR...not some day, but THIS YEAR!  I hope to be able to access additional technology (laptops, perhaps?), but need to prove to my administrator (and to myself!) that I will integrate and use technology effectively with a lens focused always on student engagement and student learning.**
*Margaret - 3 pronged approach...personal conversation/training, clearly and repeatedly stating the administrative expectation, work to break down the barriers (time, resources,etc) - link on 
    CHECK THIS OUT...great videos!  (Transitions...Ms. Noonan)

G. Doug Bundy, Google Certified Teacher, 
     aka "The Google Guy", Raleigh Hills Elem. School

Google tools...window to the internet
OMG...the Google possibilities are mind-boggling!!! 
 *Google Drive
      *Create doc, highlight, Tools, Research (cite, images, etc), Translate
 *Google Scholar
 *Google Translate - have ELL translator proof docs that I translate using Google
 *Google Custom Search Engine - great for student research projects

Wow!  In less than an hour this morning, I have been introduced to an incredible wealth of technological opportunities to enhance, streamline, and improve my teaching practice!  This is what i need to do for my kids EVERY day...make the learning relevant, applicable, and keep my enthusiasm going strong so that I can inspire and enthuse my students!

We used to be able to stumble through and still get a gig, but we had a much more forgiving economy back we can't do that.  -G.Douglas Bundy

educe - to draw out

Brain Rules written by Dr. John Medina (will be @ Jesuit HS on Sept. 28)

(SIDE NOTE: As I sit next to Jared and glance at his screen, I am amazed at his ability to multitask by searching (and finding!) wonderful images to add to his blog that infuse humor...Jared, I am inspired by your creativity!  I only wish I knew how to steal your "Mind Blown" image to include in this side note!)

Jane Mcgonigal - check out TED Talk on gaming/game based learning by following this link...

K-8 Beaverton...developing entrepreneurial skill in students...1-to-1 iPad integration next year?  What an incredible opportunity!!  Listening to this conversation invigorates my desire to "jump into the deep end" the best I can with limited resources...because I have SOME awesome tech in my room and a personal iPad that I could bring to my classroom...I am excited!

Student Source...GoogleSite, student centered, students aid in development, Google search Student Source for access
     **Crowd sourcing games...remote camera shots for!
     **CCSS ties and searchable


Where do I begin?? This was an amazing, overwhelming, and inspiring day!  This has helped to shape my final project, expanding my initial thoughts of SMART Board based personal PD and integration to a more "big picture" tech integration spanning the 2013-14 school year.  I want to have a systematic approach that will allow me to flex as needed, but will also give me a structure within which I can be pushed to strive for success and excellence.  I am blessed to have technology in my classroom, technology personnel that are incredibly supportive, a technology TOSA as a personal friend, as well as colleague, and a principal who will support me in my desired area of growth because he believes in my passion and vision for personal excellence.  Now it's up to me...develop a plan for increasing my technology knowledge and understanding and implement changes in my classroom!  This is where it gets fun!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7.23.13 EDAD 536

 DAY 2

Things to check out:

Notability - iPad
SMART Notebook - available on the iPad, too!
Schoology - similar to EdMoto?  Check out EdMoto, too!
Diigo - highlighting, bookmarking, etc. but not tied to the machine! 
iMovie...instructional tool, PD (PBIS presentations?), student projects...
Ed Tech Talks...Zucker, Ch 1

Challenge - matching students with appropriate technology...responsibility with student placement, tech use, and integrity of instruction.  Will computers replace teachers?  Not if we truly want students to get differentiated instruction that is PERSONAL to their needs...sometimes tech is NOT the best option for a child.

Challenge - app recommendations and the potential for profit guided recommendations.  (Non-profit, For-profit, For benefit...)

The Power of Video...

"If we learn by doing, what are we learning here?"  Good driving question for lesson development and team talk...great way to introduce the need for tech engagement.  (Let me use the www = whatever, whenever, wherever).

Production discussion... students without input?  assumption that tech must be incorporated into education?  attention to Bloom's higher level thinking...creativity rather than recall?  music...soothing, contemplative, effective

Use video to teach, inspire, communicate...we can create this with a reasonable, but not immense, amount of effort...and our kids could do it much more readily, perhaps, than we can!  Use kids as a resource for tech integration? 

My First Attempt at iMovie & a special moment for my BaiBoo

Clearly, I have a lot of growth potential in the iMovie realm (meaning that I am below novice level, but could see the possibility of getting better at this with more time!), but if I'm doing a movie project, I wanted it to be something useful to me...and this is a great way to send a "Get Well" and "I love you" message to my neice, Bailey!  Titi loves you, Bai!


Another  great day of learning!  I loved the hands on element with iMovie...and it is something that I could see myself using in my classroom, as well as in a teacher leader or administrative role.  I am looking forward to exploring the possibilities that technology presents and hope that I am able to maintain my current excitement level when the pressures of daily life and teaching creep in!  I am interested in learning more from the Google Guy tomorrow...and finding ways to continue making this course applicable to my practice.  I appreciate the thoughtful discourse with this group of educational leaders!  :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

7.22.13 EDAD 536 Reflection

Video Responses

 Learning to Change - Changing to Learn

Kids as rich content networking, etc...but much of it is banned in their environment.  If we allow personal technology in the classroom, how do we level the playing field for students who do not have access?  It is our moral imperative as educators to ensure that all students (even those without personal access to technology) have the requisite skills to enter the job market as young adults...

Relationship, community, connectivity, access...

Classroom...bricks/mortar or student centered tech rich?  How do we at CBD9 meet the needs of our students technologically?  How do we give access to the many students/families that are not tech capable today?  CBD9 Online - what is included, required, possible?  I need to learn more about our new programs and the opportunities that may lie within our district.

It's more than simply applying standards and administering academic tests.  This is not actually getting our young people prepared for the demands of today's employment opportunities.  Do you know how to find, validate, communicate, collaborate, and problem solve with information? 

Technological equity?  Is it our job to provide?  Maybe we simply provide access to technology and empower families to take some responsibility for their own technological savvy?  Our computer labs are empty from 330pm through the evening until school opens up again in the morning...and closed ALL weekend.  Is there a way to make our school buildings more of a community resource?  Online personnel available outside the traditional school hours?  Computer labs open into the evenings for students and families?

Sir Ken Robinson - TED Talk
Bring on the Learning Revolution

Climate crisis of human resources...poor use of our personal talents.  2 types of people - those who enjoy their life and those who "embody" their life...they love what they do, it is who they are as a being.  The talents might be buried deeply, but they are there.  Education is the key...but reform is not enough - it is simply improving upon a broken model.  Not Evolution, but REvolution.

Fundamental innovation...challenging the status quo.

A. Lincoln, "...rise with the occasion...we shall disenthrall ourselves and thus save our country."

What do you take for granted?  It's hard to know what you take for granted...example - wristwatches for those over/under 25.  

Life is not is organic.  And yet, we are obsessed with the linear thinking...end game in education is college.  But it is really?  Example: firefighter...who saves the life of the teacher who claimed that he was "throwing his life away" by not attending college and becoming a professional person.  Communities, however, depend upon a diversity of abilities and passions...  

College does not begin in kindergarten...kindergarten begins in kindergarten.  A 3 year old is not half of a 6 year is merely a 3 year old. built on model of fast food...everything is standardized.  How truly healthy is that?  Humanity is diverse...and should revolve around personal passion.  (Sir Ken and Eric Clapton - got a guitar at about the same time...worked out very differently for Eric Clapton!)  Move away from linear/standardized/ fast food model...towards an organic process.  Reformation of education is about customizing and personalizing education for those we are teaching...

 Growing kids' deficits rather than focusing on their strengths...but we choose our life paths based on our strengths...  Exploration within the structure of the standards...

"The district treats us like if they haven't taught it to us, then we haven't learned it." -student quote from Jared


As I reflect upon today's discussions, I find myself feeling encouraged that while my personal perspective may not mirror that of my district colleagues, I am (actually) on the right track for education "revolution" and forward thinking in the ways in which technology can enhance learning.  I work on a team of 5 teachers, with only one who shares my vision of 4th grade education wholly.  The other 3 are far more traditionally based and curriculum/worksheet driven than I.  I have struggled against their influence to work in this traditional paper/pencil, worksheet/textbook, "sage on the stage" model and worked diligently to remain rooted in my philosophy of exploration, sharing, and deeper thinking.

I am fortunate to be in a classroom that is equipped with a SMART Board, although it was truly by default, therefore I received no training.  The board was technically a "SpEd" board and I am merely a RegEd 4th grade teacher...and when I moved into my new classroom, it was under the clear knowledge that the SMART Board would be removed and that I should not get used to having that technology available.  I learned at the end of September that I would, indeed, be keeping the board.  Another RegEd colleague in a "grant room" equipped with a SMART Board and accompanying "goodies" was uninterested in using the SMART Board because it was, "on the wrong wall."  Much to my joy, I was now given the privilege of technology with little or no training.  I have been successful in integrating the use of the SMART Board as a touch screen computer for video streaming and ClassDojo, but have not even begun to scratch the surface of what this incredible tool can do for my students.

I am equally fortunate to have a mother who financially supports my desire to integrate technology into my life by providing 2 iPads for myself and my daughter, as well as an iPhone for my daughter.  I have an iPhone, as well.  I have learned as much from my daughter (who is 12 years old!) about technology as I have from any other external source beyond my own curiosity and willingness to explore.  Her youth and enthusiasm, coupled with her fearless nature, has helped me to move out of the realm of disequilibrium and into the realm of being an active pursuer of further knowledge and understanding in the virtual land of technology!



Test Post

This is a test post...this is only a test post.  The real question is, "Can I do it?"  Can I blog?

This is Multnomah Falls.  I plan to go there this afternoon after class.  I am possibly the most boring blogger ever, but I have a new be interesting enough to deserve a blog!